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We know how to workout, we know the basics of what to eat. But why aren't we achieving our fitness goals? The answer could be as simple as consistency, simple as commitment, simple as you are either under feeding your body or overeating and consuming too many calories. The answer might be simple but it is not as SIMPLE as it sounds to put it into application.


This program is designed to build a supportive community of like minded individuals who are seeking the proper balance of mind, body and spirit. These come into play as you dive deeper into your fitness journey. We will set goals, we will have a plan to reach these goals and we will have a timeline on when these goals should be achieved and if need be we will adjust them accordingly as life changes. We are a team. 


Now let’s get started….The first month will consist of getting an understanding of your relationship with the foods you eat. We will explore, how that will either help you in your process or hold you back from reaching your goals. You will get to understand what your BMR, YOUR TDEE and other acronyms are that affect your fitness whether you know what they mean or not. Plus you will get a macronutrient breakdown of how much you should be consuming to meet your goal. That is the nutritional coaching aspect of this program. The behavioral coaching comes in as to how we get you to actually do these things. Staying accountable, planning for the pitfalls that life will undoubtedly throw at you. We will do weekly check-ins so we can stay accountable to the process. When we know better WE ULTIMATELY DO BETTER. If you are doing this, it means you are ready to invest in the process of getting fit but most importantly staying fit.


Price $350 a month

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